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Gordon House, University College, London

November 7-8, 2006

"Sustainable Settlement Morphologies:

Current work on Analytical Models and Generative Methodologies"

(Including: Space Syntax; Advanced Spatial Analysis; Pattern Languages; Form-Based Codes; Generative Codes; Evidence-Based Design; Qualitative Consensus Methodologies; Cognitive Research; and more)

PROPOSED TOPICS OF DISCUSSION (not in chronological order):

A. Areas of current work, and possible collaborations on projects under these areas.

  1. Space Syntax
  2. CASA
  4. Pattern Languages
  5. Codes, esp. Form-Based
  6. Generative Codes
  7. Evidence-Based Design and Its Implications
  8. Others?

B. New collaborative topics

  1. New Qualitative Consensus Methodologies
  2. New Collaborative Design Processes
  3. Strategies to Manage and Exploit Self-Organisation
  4. Strategies to Promote Housing Affordability and Related Goals
  5. Others?

C. Projects

  1. Social Housing in Latin America (Salingaros et al.)
  2. New Orleans (Duany et al.)
  3. Education: The European School of Traditional Architecture (Engh)
  4. Others?

D. Organisational issues and follow-up

  1. Legal Form of Organisation
  2. Funding Opportunities
  3. Next Symposium
  4. Methodology for Administration of Collaborative Projects


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